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Olympia Tournament Reign & Summer Camps


Olympia sent 4 people to the internationals in Ontario and one fighter to the competition in LA. We come back with 12 trophies, including the grand champion! More to come, we will be going to the Bob White Invitational tournament this weekend for more fights.

Belt Testing

We had some amazing tests and we would like to congratulate the Olympians on an amazing performance, while fighting world champions after hours of the most strenuous training. Great job everyone!

Summer Camps

The Ninja and Jedi camps are now set and registration is open. Sign up early to reserve a spot and save! Non-Olympia friends are always welcome! You can register with an instructor or online Here.

Belt Testing Time

October Belt Test

The belt certification exam for adults is this Sat. Oct. 17, 1:30PM. Please sign up on the bulletin board to make sure you get a certificate and belt. To find out what is required for your belt advancement and videos of the techniques and forms, visit the Members Section. The following students are eligible to test:

Gabriel VanHuss
Tudor Drancea
Stephanie Gran
Saeed Abushait
Dominic Mata
Serena Chang

Black Belt Reunion

We were so excited to attend Mr. White's Black Belt reunion. Over 100 black belts were present, many world champions and chief instructors. Truly an amazing group!

Black Belt Prep Class

The higher rank test preparation training begins October 24, 9AM to 11AM. This course will focus on the most challenging aspects of the test including curriculum training, stamina and conditioning, sparring, grappling, leadership and mental strength. Please bring running shoes, full gi and sparring gear. The following students are highly encouraged to attend:

Alexander Chen
Andres Vaca
Dallas Gran
Harry Manukian
Ishan Kollipara
JD Rapp
Kenneth Lai
Justin Kikuta
Joseph Goulding
Jonathan Wierks
Liam Schaefer
Lutfi Freij
Mustafa Rahimi
Nakul Warrier
Nidhi Warrier
Trevor Nguyen
Zachary McIvor
Wabi Gougsa
Guru Balakrishnan
Destiny Huerta
Benjamin Nguyen
Aadhi Balakrishnan
John Bell
Taylor Bell
John Sakzlyan
Joshua Williams
Rian Silva

Tournament Champions & Gym Passes

World Champion Tournament

Our adult students competed at the recent tournament. With 4 competitors, we were able to bring 3 first place medals, 1 second place and 1 third place. Congratulations to the following amazing Olympia warriors:

Dominic M. - 1st and 2nd place
Daniel K.D. - 3rd place
Saeed A. - 1st place
Luke F. - 1st place

Gym Passes

For the months of August and September, we have 2 week intro passes for all referred or returning students. If you know someone that may benefit from some great training or if you are looking to come back to training, ask us for a pass.


Olympia has recently switched to digital participation waivers. We would like to ask everyone to fill out the new waiver at their earliest convenience. Please ask an instructor to give you the new waiver, or simply go to your members section and click on the "Update Waiver" link.

Last Chance to Sign up for Camp

There are only 2 spots left for the last summer camp, coming up next week. We have arranged available care for students from 1pm to 3pm in case they cannot get picked up on time. Jedi camp is almost here!

Summer Camps and More

The Olympia Summer Camps Are Now Open

The 2015 Summer Camps are open. This year we have Ninja & Jedi Camps with 4 different weapons, zombie and nerf battles, glow in the dark forms, pool party, giant balloon fights and much more! Reserve early to get guaranteed spot and a lower rate. Non-Olympia friends and siblings are welcome to join as well. Click Here to sign up online.

Olympia Tournament Results

We would like to congratulate the following students for the success at the Bob White Tournament. We managed to take home 8 medals with 9 competitors. Jack and Jill S. Johnny and Taylor B. Rian S. Fahad A. Dallas G. Adi A. Jacob G. Great Job Olympia Warriors!

Belt Tests

The belt certification exams for both adults and kids are coming up in May. Adult test is on Sat. May 2, 3PM and kids test is on Sat. May 16, 3PM. Please check the bulletin board to find out if you are eligible to test. To find out what is required for your belt advancement and videos of the techniques and forms, visit the Members Section.

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