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"I love your studio because when I come in I get a great workout, I have a lot of fun and I meet great people. "
-Alexandria Tubach

"You get the Best Workout - EVERY TIME !! I checked out a couple of local places and the pace was too slow for me. At Olympia, I get a GREAT workout every single time ! The instructor mixes up his workouts throughout the week. My endurance, strength and core has improved soooo much since joining ! You will not be disappointed ! In summary, I drive about 40 minutes each way to go to this particular class in Tustin. I live in Aliso Viejo and would not be making the drive unless I thought it was well worth it. "
-Mustafa Rahimi

"I feel bad that I had to take so much time off. I can't wait to resume my training and get into it. I feel like I have missed so much. "
-Omar Abassy

"I absolutely love this place! My son has been coming here for close to a year. He really enjoys it and I can see such a difference in him then when he first started. He has gained confidence and strength. He couldn't do a single sit up when he started and now he can do over 30. What I like most about the place is the faith the instructors have in their students. They believe in them and strongly support them throughout their training."
-Calvin L.

"I desperately needed to get in shape. Over the first 18 months of my training, I lost over 160 pounds and now I am in the best shape of my life. "
-Harold Rodriguez

"Mr. Mike is incredibly dedicated to his students and to running a fantastic practice. It is obvious his heart is in the right place. He demonstrates a high level of discipline and patience, without sacrificing fun."
-Danielle L.

"I walked in as a complete beginner. It was terrifying at first (my fitness levels are not where I want them to be), and to be honest I was a little intimidated by the more advanced students. However, everyone was really welcoming and the instructors were very accommodating. The adult classes are at night after work so it's perfect for my hectic schedule. I have been attending (semi)regularly since December and I've only grown to love this place more. It has a very familial feel. Mr. Mike and Mr. Felton care very much about your personal growth. Goals are set as appropriate and expectations are high, but not impossible. "
-Jazmine A.

"I wish I could rate this place with more than five stars!! The programs available at Olympia are, without a doubt, the most physically and mentally beneficial extra-curriculars in which I have enrolled my two sons thus far! Mike and his staff adhere to a traditional set of expectations while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, trust, and self esteem. My two boys move easily through their days because of the lessons gleaned at Olympia and will be successful men as a result. Thank you, Mike!!"
-Jennifer S.

"Personally I feel more fit than ever, and that's speaking as a professional high energy swing and salsa dancer that was already fit when I started. I definitely noticed the difference in my dance abilities when I started training at this studio."
-Angel Griffin

"My son has attended for approximately three years. Mr. Mike is an excellent teacher and role model reinforcing the importance of hard work and dedication. His students are a reflection of his excellence. It is quite impressive to see them showcase their skills."
-Jennifer W.

"I enjoy coming to Olympia after work because it's uplifting and it lets me stay in shape. I'm already starting to see improvements in my fitness and agility. "
-Justin Harrison
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"I desperately needed to get in shape. Over the first 18 months of my training, I lost over 160 pounds and now I am in the best shape of my life. ..."
-Harold Rodriguez
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