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Photographs and Videos
OMA(The OMA Training center, LLC dba Olympia Training Center) has full rights over photographs and videos taken on the premises or near the studio. These images can be used in advertisements, training videos and other purposes by the OMA staff.

If a student is going to miss more than two consecutive lessons, he or she must fill out a written vacation notice. For the time absent, the student can either schedule make up lessons or suspend tuition.

Late Payment
If the tuition is not paid by the due date, as a result of bounced checks, declined credit cards or other reasons, training will be discontinued until the account is balanced.

Refunds are issued in the form of account credit. If a student does not wish to participate in a program he or she has signed up for, in certain cases the credit could be used toward other OMA products or training.

Ending Lessons
To discontinue lessons, the client must submit a written four week notice in all cases, including 6 or 12 month programs. Students are responsible for charges during the four week period.

Policy Change
OMA reserves the right to change its policies. If any of the terms are altered, the changes will be posted here or students will be notified ahead of time. This policy was last modified on 07/06/2015.

The content displayed in OMA may be provided by a third party and is solely the responsibility of the individual who posted it. OMA is not responsible for any of the content displayed or sent through the OMA website. OMA does not control the content, so the Member understands that he might be exposed to offensive, inappropriate, misleading and inaccurate materials such as text, images and videos. The Member agrees to access websites and other material linked on OMA at his own risk and understands that OMA is not liable for any loss or damages caused by the content posted on OMA or other websites that are linked through OMA. Any interaction with third party entities discovered though OMA is solely the responsibility of the Member and OMA is not liable for any loss or damages due to this interaction.

Martial Arts
Physical training is a contact activity and participation in it might result in injury. OMA is not responsible for any damages or injuries that the students may sustain on the premises or near the studio. OMA reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time without a refund for misconduct.

Your Consent
By entering the martial arts school, you consent to our Terms

If there are any questions regarding this policy you may contact us using the information below.
2600 Walnut Avenue, Unit G
Tustin CA 92780
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-Mustafa Rahimi
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